Ideas for a Venetian Courtesan’s Partlet

For the upcoming renfaire Much Ado About Sebastapol, I need a partlet to wear with my Venetian courtesan gown when I perform with Bella Donna. This small addition to my outfit will make it even more historically accurate & a bit less, um, busty, which is better for this very family-friendly faire.

So I looked around for inspiration & settled on a few portraits that I like…

There are, of course, fancier ones I like too, but any of these three I could whip up in the short time I have before this faire (especially considering I’ll be away in Kauai for a week, & no, I am not taking sewing with me on vacation ;-). I also had to limit myself to partlets I could make with materials I currently have in The Stash, e.g., plain white silk organza & gold lace. There just isn’t enough lead-time to order embroidered, striped, or other types of patterned fabrics. Still, these options are all pretty, & I should have time to bling it up a little bit.

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