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Bitchy Roman Gala

For the Costume College Gala in 2013, I had a hard time coming up with something to wear. Originally, I wanted to make the 18th-c. masquerade gown I’ve been lusting after for years. I have the main fabrics, I know how to design & create it, I have scads of research about it. Heck, I want to write an article about it for Your Wardrobe Unlock’d or at least my blog! I also had a great backup costume if I couldn’t finish that costume in time —  I could wear the black francaise. That’s my new favourite costume. I adore how it looked in France & would be thrilled to wear it again.

However, cancer happened. Not only did this take up all my pre-CoCo time, but, more importantly, I had surgery two weeks before CoCo that meant I could not wear a corset. The wounds are just too tender still, because the placement is right smack where a corset would poke at them. So out goes about 95% of my historical costume wardrobe. Yeah, that was a bummer. So I cast about for what un-corseted outfit I could wear. Ideally something fast to make between all the damn doctor’s appointments & surgery recovery. Thus, a more glamorous bitchy roman loungewear outfit was born.

Sarah gave me the main fabric (a flashy big scarf from her stash), & I bought a pile of cheap Egyptian-inspired jewelry plus a silver laurel wreath off eBay. Also found some silver sandals on eBay, tho’ they turned out more gunmetal & I used a paint pen to get them bright silver. Bought a silver belt & dangly silver hair decoration from a Thai dance warehouse online. I cut up the wreath & wired/glued some of the jewelry pieces to it for a more Cleopatra look. Then I pinned a bunch of Liz Taylor images on Pinterest for makeup inspiration, which I’d do in silver instead of her movie’s gold & blue shadow.

The crowning glory was a drag queen wig I bought on eBay from Vegas Girl Empress Bianca Wigs. OMG this was the most comfortable wig I have EVER worn! It’s huge, but light, & it fits perfectly snug but not too tight. Didn’t really need the wig clips I added, nor any bobby pins. Stayed put all night, through dancing. I got a tiny bit hot, but my head & neck never felt strained & the wig wasn’t even itchy. And, of course, it looked rockin’!


Shoes for Leonard?

All this talk online of the American Duchess shoes got me thinking — I should just get some Fugawees for Leonard! Because he deserves it ;-) Ok, well, I want it, and leather shoes are more correct than silk for a man, even a super-fop like Leonard (though according to his autobiography, he was *quite* the stud, having slept with every actress in Paris and most of the noblewomen in Versailles, including du Barry, LOL).What I was thinking of, during my commute (where I do a lot of random daydreaming for 20 minutes of blessed silence), was to get some white/bone leather Fugawees and have them dyed purple by my local cobbler. Easy, right? Except I got to the computer and found that it’s only the Martha’s that come in bone. There is one other style, the Connie, that comes in a “natural” shade but suede.

Leonard - Marie-Antoinette screencap

Leonard's shoes

Now, I dunno, wouldn’t suede look too rough and not fancy-dancy enough for a fop? Even if it was purple suede? Opinions?

Compared to purple fabric which men really didn’t wear, afaik, it’s probably the better option. And *of course* I will get plenty of use out of another pair of Fugawees, especially in purple. DUH!!!

Oh, and I found a screencap of his shoes from the movie. Leonard’s shoes are more pink, but then, his coat is a pink-salmon-orangey color and his waistcoat is red.

I’m using a powder-blue damask from The Stash for his suit and a lavender dupioni silk for his waistcoat (hopefully with embroidery). So purple shoes will fit, natch.


Leonard – the beginning

I have a wild hair (hah!) to play Leonard Autie, hairdresser to Marie Antoinette, at the GBACG’s Petit Trianon event in July. Sarah will be the queen, Kendra will be Poliganc, and a bunch of our friends will be the rest of the court. When casting about for characters, I first thot Rose Bertin, but then, what’s more fun and OTT and ridiculous and, well, me? Cross-dressing as a big ol’ fop a la the Macaronis (which I’d wanted to make a costume of when I taught that class).

Leonard’s autobiography is even online for free, so you know what I’ll be adding to my iPad tonight and maybe reading on the plane to Hawaii or Williamsburg.

There are a couple lengths of purple silk in The Stash that I’d had a hankering to make into 18th-c. menswear for me (not enough for Thomas). I have some patterns and of course books. I wish I had those purple-fuchsia shoes Leonard wears in the movie! Oh well. I will TOTALLY make a giant white pouf wig — that excites me no end!!! And I’ll wear a shit-ton of foptastic makeup. Hells yeah.

Leonard's suit fabric

Leonard's suit fabric

Later that day…
Fabric Stash iPhone app is evil — I just noticed that I have a bunch of powder blue damask earmarked for a different high-concept costume. Well now, that *plus* the purple/lavender silks would be just the most awesomely faggy (in the most complimentary sense) 18th-century boy clothes evar.

And I really need to look at the preset embroidery motifs my mom’s machine can do (she sent me the PDF ages ago). Because I wonder if we could string together some of those floral designs into a fat border along the waistcoat edge…

For reference:

Screencaps from the “Marie Antoinette” movie version of Leonard — not that I’m recreating this costume, but it’s interesting. He is introduced right after the “I Want Candy” scene, and Leonard fits the queen with her tallest wig to date.

Leonard - Marie-Antonette screencap

Nice foppish suit in pinks and purples with tons of trim.

Leonard - Marie Antoinette movie screencap

Marie Antoinette and Leonard -- Note how his wig is as tall as hers!

Leonard - Marie-Antonette screencap

Details of his wig curls.

Leonard - Marie-Antonette screencap

Interesting that he does not have a bag over his wig's tail (which would have been quite fashionable).

Leonard - Marie-Antonette screencap

Wearing a bit of makeup.


Constanze Mozart from Amadeus

One of the very first forays into non-Renaissance faire costuming I made was my Stanzie gown. For our first Famous Dead Person’s Ball in 1992, my dear Thomas wanted to be Mozart, specifically as in the movie Amadeus. He had Tom Hulce’s laugh down pat, and of course, being a musician and composer, Mozart was always one of his idols. His stepmom graciously offered to make his costume, so I decided to try and make myself an 18th-century gown.

My first try was a disaster. Wearable, but really screwed up. I refused to take any pictures of it, although I did wear it at the Halloween party.

The next summer in 1993, the GBACG decided to hold a Bastille Day Fete. I was on the Board of Directors by this time, and I was determined to attend more events, even if that meant sewing more and more different costumes. I set out to create a proper Constanze gown, recreating what she wears in her very first scene of the movie.

This was long before the Internet had movie stills everywhere, heck, it was before DVDs, so I had to watch my VHS copy of the film over and over again until I practically wore it out! Today, a mere image search turns up the same pix in a flash (which is what I did for the movie images on this page).

I lucked out by finding a blue and white floral drapery brocade on the sale table at the fabric store. I hacked away again at the Pegee of Williamsburg Colonial dress pattern again, this time changing the front side opening to the center back for a smoother line in the front. I got my mom’s help for the very tricky hemming of a skirt over pocket hoops. Then I trimmed the thing like there was no tomorrow with lace, ribbon roses, and bows. My work didn’t go in vain either. At the fete, I received a little award for Best Recreation Costume!

The following year, the Guild had another Bastille Day event, this time a dinner in San Francisco. By then, I’d added a white wig to the outfit, which definitely looked more the part. I’d bought the wig on Halloween day at a drugstore for a couple bucks to wear with the gown to a nightclub. The wig was totally plastic, but it looked decent enough, IMO. We went to the banquet and had a lovely time. We even read some of Wolfie and Stanzie’s love letters aloud. I’m sure I wore the outfit a few more times before retiring it and finally selling the pair of outfits at a Costumer’s Guild flea market. They served us well.



Arwen Rivendell Outfit

Photos of me taken at the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden, courtesy of my dear husband, Thomas. Screencaps from the Lord of the Rings movies added for costume comparison.


Rivendell beginnings

This is the purple brocade outfit that Arwen wears as the Fellowship bids farewell to Rivendell. This costume is seen on the extended DVD of Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring and in a flashback sequence during Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

I got the amazing opportunity to make this costume thanks to an offer on LotR_Costume. A costumer in Iowa wanted volunteers to help her with an experiment. She had drafted patterns for others before, but never for someone sight-unseen. She wanted to try this with a LotR costume and asked if anyone was interested. I jumped!

So I sent her a detailed list of my measurements (thanks to my mom for helping with that ;-), according to a chart she had sent me. A few weeks later, she mailed me the muslin (pictured below). It was a fabulous fit! Needed only very, very minor adjustments. Best of all, it looked incredibly true to the movie costume. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to this fine lady. I got a custom-fitted pattern for a costume, and all I have to do is sew the costume itself.

At the San Jose Flea Market, I found a fabric stall with materials reasonably close to the movie costume fabrics. Best of all, they were dirt cheap — $54 for all four fabrics! I bought a purple and silver brocade in a floral pattern for the overdress, a coordinating satin to line it, a darker purple for the underdress, and a mauve satin for the sash.

Received the final pattern the day before my husband and I left for Egypt at the end of March.

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