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Frequently Asked Questions
Please read through all of this before emailing me. Thank you!

Q: Where can I find that thing mentioned on your TV show last week?

A: Huh? For some inexplicable reason, you must have me confused with the actual Martha Stewart because I don't have my own TV show (not that I wouldn't like one!). Try the real Martha Stewart website at

Q: Do you have information about Martha Stewart products?

A: No. But you might try going to the actual Martha Stewart website at

Q: What's with this "gothic" stuff?

A: This site is intended for those within the gothic subculture to help them decorated their living spaces. If you don't enjoy goth aesthetics, try for a more mainstream style.

Q: I need help decorating my own room/house. Can you help me?

A: That's what this website is all about. Read through each section for inspiration on how to decorate in a way that reflects your own gothic style. Sorry, I don't do consultations for strangers, and, if I did, you'd have to pay for a plane ticket so I could actually see your room/house and evaluate it in person.

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