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Asian Gothic

The Look

The decorative arts of China, Japan, and India are naturally dark and luxurious and seem an elegant fit for a gothic mood.

It may be cliche, but the phrase 'the mysterious east' actually does describe the mood of an Asian gothic decor. Dark, sleek, slightly sinister even, and carefully planned for aesthetic effect. Asian can also incorporate elements from the Indian subcontinent, which adds more color and pattern and softness into the mix.


Minimalist, elegant, rich, beautiful.


Rich glossy black is the epitome of Asian gothic. Just add a little red (either firecracker brights or darker blood reds) or jade and bamboo greens and woodsy browns. Burnished gold and worn brass also carry the theme.


Sleek, hard surfaces dominate the Asian look. Glossy wood, slick tiles and stone, hard jade. For relief, try soft, quilted silk reminiscent of kimonos. Intricate Indian patterns and metallic embroidery (such as found in saris and Chinese coats) also add contrast, along with wicker, bamboo, and other natural, woven surfaces.

Musical Background

Rich inlaid woods provide a dramatic backdrop for howling industrial music or sweet darkwave. Anything goes with this decor.

You Might See...

Persian rugs, Chinese lacquer dining ware or furniture, jade figurines, Buddahs, incense, wicker furniture, folding fans, chinese teapot and cups, woven floor mats, dancing Shiva figures, bells, Indian bedspreads and hangings, sari fabric on the walls or furniture, votive candles, anything from Cost Plus and Pier One.

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