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Egyptian Gothic

The Look
egyptian art

Anne Rice surely wasn't the first to link traditional gothic to the intriguing mysteries of Egypt. The ankh has long been a goth favorite, and the dark tombs of pharaohs somehow seem suited to the gothic temperament.


Refined, elegant, regal, and fit for a dark gothic queen or king.


Regal black and gold, with ivory accents and perhaps a little silver.


Crisp linen and fine Egyptian cottons abound, possibly coordinated with black velvets, fur, and even animal prints. Wicker and woven reed textures work too.

Musical Background

Dead Can Dance draws from so many ethnic traditions, they seem to fit everywhere. Siouxie and the Banshees also seems appropriate, especially with Ms. Sioux's past dabbling in Egyptian imagery.

You Might See...

Small Egyptian statuary, cartouche patterns on bedding or pillows, framed museum prints of Egyptian artifacts, wicker furniture, lacquer accessories, carved African artwork, things bought at Cost Plus and Pier One.

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