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Fairy Gothic

The Look

Every dream of flying with Peter Pan?

The fairy goth decor is evocative of childhood stories and folkloric legends. It's for dreamers and wishers upon stars. It's a complete and utter escape from the mundane Real World. Surround yourself with a cloud and dream of decadence.


Fantastical, dreamy, mystical, sleepy, floating.


White may seem antithetical to goths, but sometimes contrast is everything. Varieties of white rest beautifully against the traditional black in this theme.


Anything soft, draped, floaty, and ethereal. Gauze and lace, worn soft cotton, old vintage velvet.

Musical Background

Cocteau Twins, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, anything ambient.

You Might See...

Light fabric draped from the ceiling, tiny white xmas lights, Pre-Raphaelite prints, lots of candles in silver and glass holders, lace dresser scarves and tablecloths, dried and silk flowers decorating the walls, gargoyle and cherub statuary.

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