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Motifs in Gothic Home Decor
While everyone has their own idea of what "gothic" is and looks like, the subculture does have a number of recognizable sub-types that are frequently found among goths. For example, the Goth Code by Peter T. Caffin is widely accepted as a shorthand method of describing one's gothic self. Within the Goth Code are many descriptions of these common gothic types, everything from AntiquityGoth ("you're into frills, medieval corsetry and silly white shirts") to CybertechGoth (wears "wires, silicone chips and circuit-boards. This makes you itchy").

In a similar vein, I've tried to describe some of the interior design styles that might be considered typically "gothic." This is meant merely as an illustration and perhaps even an inspiriation. This is not an absolute mandate in any way at all. These are only suggestions. Also, elements of different styles can be combined to great effect.

A Few Motifs for Perusal...

  • Victorian
    Perfect for AntiquityGoths.
  • Medieval
    Another fave of the Antiquity types, plus good for FetishGoth into dungeons.
  • Techno-Modern
    An obvious choice for CybertechGoth, also FetishGoth (it's so slick) and MilitaryGoth (so precise).
  • Cemetery
    Well suited to the TrashyGraveyardGoths.
  • Fairy
    Seems a little Glittergoth and NewRomantic too.
  • Asian
    Another somewhat Cybertech and Fetish style, with HippyGoth leanings.
  • Egyptian
    Both Antiquity and Glitter with hints of Graveyard.
  • Punk DIY
    GothPunk of course!

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