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Medieval Gothic

The Look

This is the original connotation of "Gothic," as in gargoyles covering huge stone churches and castles. While few of us live in granite mansions, we can imitate some of the trappings of Medieval life.

This style of decor is simple, yet rich. The flat, almost minimalist textures of iron and stone combine with the brilliant colors of tapestries, and all is bathed in candlelight.


Warm, simple, elegant, rough around the edges, both peasant-ish and aristocratic at the same time.


Muted, warm earth tones of russet, deep brown, hunter green, burgundy, and navy blue, along with black and touches of white compliment a Medieval style.


Heavy fabrics are very appropriate to the Medieval look. Tapestry, brocade, wool, and fur look and feel good, along with crisp linen. Different textures of stone, iron, and wood add to the mood, whether they're authentic or faux finishes.

Musical Background

Gregorian chants are true to the period, but the exotic and haunting strains of Dead Can Dance fit the bill too. Most any gothic music will fit in this decor.

You Might See...

Wall tapestries, silver or iron candlesticks, skulls, persian rugs, tapestry pillows, velvet drapes, framed Medieval or Pre-Raphaelite prints, gargoyles, lots of candles, swords, silver chalices and trays, wooden trinket boxes, fur rugs or throws.

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