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On Pet Fur
Cats and other long-furred pets are very popular among goths. This leads to the problem of what to do about the fur that your cat invariably sheds all over your lovely velvet slipcovers, bedding, and, of course, clothing. Well, there's really just two options here:

Fight it. Arm yourself with lint brushes -- one near the couch, one near the bed, one in your purse/bag, everywhere. The best are the big lint rollers that can be washed and reused forever. In a pinch, you can wrap masking tape loosely around your knuckles to make an instant lint catcher. Of course, you must be ever-vigilant, for your foe never sleeps (okay, they do sleep, but they still shed during naps).

Deal with it. Accept that your home and clothing will always be covered in cat fur. Maybe do some kind of meditation to become at peace with this notion. Personally, I only clean up the fur for fancy occasions, like a tea party or before a job interview. Otherwise, I let it fly.

By the way, getting a black cat does not solve the problem. The cat will still shed, and black fur is still visible on black fabrics and clothing.

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