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On Smoking
Cigarette smoking may be gothic as fuck (although I personally beg to differ), but a smoky, smelly house is not gothic. It's just plain disgusting. Cigarette smoke lingers forever in fabrics and upholstery. Cigarette smoke discolors paint and wallpaper. Actually, it's not just cigarette smoke -- wood smoke and even marijuana smoke (so I'm told) leave an unpleasant smell in the house too. Clove and incense smoke is generally sweeter and doesn't leave as harsh of an after-smell. But any smoke will build up over time and discolor delicates.

If you or your guests must smoke, I highly recommend doing so outside. This will keep your home furnishings smelling and looking cleaner longer. After all, if you've spent a lot of time and effort creating a beautiful home, you might as well make a little effort to keep it that way. The same applies for clothing, but it's impossible to keep the smoke smell off if you go to a goth club! At least you can keep it out of your couch at home.

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