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Decorative Comforter Cover
  • 2 flat bed sheets
  • velcro (as long as the bottom edge of a sheet)
  • thread to match the sheet color
  • sewing machine or needle and thread
  • trims such as ribbon, braid, lace, cord, appliques, etc. (optional)
This cover can spruce up an old comforter quickly. With the right-sides of the bed sheets facing each other, sew the sheets together around three edges, leaving the bottom of the sheets unsewn (this should be the end that would be at the foot of the bed). At this open end, leave about one inch free at each edge near the opening. You will create a huge pillowcase, and, at the open end of the case, you should have small flaps that can be folded over each other. Sew velcro on these flaps to close that edge of the case.

You can dress up the comforter cover even more by adding trim to the edges or by making patterns with trim in the center of the comforter. You can also sew on appliques -- these can be anything from cut-out pieces of lace to embroidered patches to logos cut out of t-shirts.

Another option is to make the entire comforter cover out of fancy fabric. To do this, you will need to measure your comforter and then figure out how much fabric you will need to cover it. Fabric bolt widths range from 45 inches to 60 inches wide, so you will need several widths to span even a twin bed comforter.

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