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Decorative Lampshade
  • a plain lampshade (preferably not pleated)
  • fabric glue or hot glue
  • trims such as ribbon, braid, lace, cord, fringe, tassels, appliques, buttons, beads, patches, embroidery, dried roses, etc.
  • fabric to cover the shade (optional)
If the lampshade is an ugly color or torn or stained, cover it with fabric. To do this, lay the shade on the fabric, roll it from one side to the other, and trace the shade as you roll it. Add 1 inch to the top, bottom, and one edge measurement of the fabric. Cut out the fabric and fit it on to the shade. Glue the side seam as neatly as possible and then glue the top and bottom edges under.

Trimming the shade can be as elaborate as you wish. You can start with a simple trim glued on the bottom or top edge or fill in the entire shade with trims in stripes, spokes, or random patterns.

And even simpler way to revive an old lampshade is to drape a scarf or piece of fabric over it. Do make absolutely sure that the fabric is at least 3 inches away from the bulb, or you could start a fire. Never cover halogen lamps with fabric, because these lights burn extremely hot and have caused enough deaths for a product recall in the US.

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