Words, words, words

I write constantly, always have. From tortured teenage journals to prosaic to-do lists to graduate-level analyses of Victorian women writers, my words runneth over. Since 1995, I've been writing online professionally.

I've been a writer, editor, and content strategist at various websites, such as Yahoo!, Seagate, Aeris, eHealth, MetroActive, and Riffage, and my work has encompassed:
  • Project-managing, editing, and ghost-writing chapters for the eBook The Definitive Guide to the Internet of Things for Business, which garnered a larger response than any other piece of content had for the company.
  • Researching and writing about health insurance and Medicare topics such as preventative screenings for seniors.
  • Writing articles about consumer hard drives such as What Is Network-Attached Storage? and user case studies like that of Marvel Entrainment photographer Judy Stephens.
  • Creating memes and haikus for social media campaigns.
  • Editing articles and programming content for Yahoo! Green, the #1 ranked environmental website from 2009 to 2011.
  • Writing environmental articles on topics from meatless Mondays to fireplace myths (when published in 2009, this received 600 comments and got me called a liberal freak :-).
  • Teaching classes and speaking at conferences on topics such as user-friendly error messages and search-engine optimization for headlines.
  • Contributing two chapter drafts and rounds of feedback to the Yahoo! Editorial Style Guide, published by St. Martins in 2010.
  • Writing and researching answers for the kid's column, Ask Earl, on the children's site Yahooligans (site closed in 2013).

In addition, I write on the intersection of history and Hollywood at FrockFlicks.com, a blog and podcast founded with two friends and fellow armchair historians. Some of my articles include comparing different adaptions of Jane Eyre, a look at why movies aren't historically accurate, and an interview with the costume designer for The Girl King. I edit most of the content on the site and manage content strategy and search engine optimization, plus help manage our active social media community.

Occasionally, I contribute lifestyle articles to the blog Offbeat Home & Life and historical research articles at the subscription magazine Your Wardrobe Unlock'd.

You can find my full resume on LinkedIn, and here's my complete portfolio. I am available for freelance writing, editing, and content stragety.

The art of dressing up

My mother and grandmother taught me to sew when I was little, and I've been designing elements of my own wardrobe and historical / fantasy costumes ever since. Creating unusual clothing lets me work with my hands while exploring history. I also love acting and bringing characters to life -- which requires elaborate costume. For far, far too much detail about my life in fancy dress, visit my Costume Closet.

  • Looking for material about one of my costume classes? Go to the Articles index.
  • Curious about my activity in the Society for Creative Anachronism? Go to the SCA Projects page.

The desire to express myself in fashion led me into the gothic subculture early in my life. In addition to sewing wild outfits, I assembled the original faq for the Usenet group alt.gothic.fashion and ran fashion shows for the net.goth convention, Convergence.

To prove that one can be a professional and still express the darker side, I started a blog about my daily work outfits called This Is CorpGoth. A couple times a week, I photograph what I'm wearing to the office and post it for the online world to see.

And back in 1997, I created Gothic Martha Stewart -- not a parody, but a genuine guide to decadently dark home decor and crafts. The website was reviewed in Entertainment Weekly, Maxim, The New Yorker, Bust, and many other publications. I don't really update the site anymore, but the projects are pretty timeless.

All seven continents

Travel makes the world smaller and your heart bigger. My husband, videographer Thomas Dowrie, suggested traveling together when we first met in 1992, and we eventually set foot on all seven continents including Antarctica.

In 2004, we began T&T's Real Travels -- a business to promote travel for everyone. We film our adventures and have a video podcast series about travel. Our biggest projects are a travel guide to Venetian carnevale and a costume-travel documentary, The Blo Norton Experience.