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Techno-Modern Gothic

The Look

For those who eschew abundance and over-stuffed furniture, a Techno-Modern look offers a sleek, simple environment uncluttered by unnecessary objects.

This style is almost Zen in its attempt to strip home life down to the basics. Of course, these basics must be more than just functional -- they should be beautiful with clean, sparse lines that please the eye with their stark simplicity.


Minimalist to the extreme, simple, clean, uncomplicated.


Matte colors rule here, especially black, greys, and an occasional white or bare wood.


The hard, sleek feel of chrome could sum up this style. Add cold glass and clean laminated or tiles surfaces and that pretty much sums it up. Maybe slick leather or taut cotton or canvas too.

Musical Background

Somehow industrial seems appropriate here, but really this is a blank canvas upon which anything would work. Bauhaus also seems right, since this style borrows so much from the art movement from which the band took their name.

You Might See...

Black plastic and steel furniture, leather couch or chairs, lots of electronics, high-quality stereo and/or computer, tab-top curtains, just a few framed prints (Nagel, Mapplethorpe photos, modern paintings), artsy metal candleholders, skulls or preserved insects.

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