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Decorative Bedsheets
  • a set of bedsheets and pillowcases
  • trims such as ribbon, braid, lace, cord, etc.
  • thread to match the trim color
  • sewing machine or needle and thread
Measure the top edge of the flat sheet or the pillowcase edge (open end). Add one inch to this measurement, and cut the trim material to fit. Sew the trim (by machine or hand) onto the flat sheet edge or pillowcase edge. If the trim is wide, you may need to sew down both edges to the case or sheet.

Such a simple treatment can spruce up plain solid color sheets. Buy inexpensive black sheets and add rich velvet or tapestry ribbon for a medieval look. Flat black lace on dark red sheets is evocative of Victorian bordellos. Even white sheets can become elegant with the addition of hunter green satin looped trim from the upholstery department.

Experiment with where to place the trim -- at the very edge of the sheet, at the hem seam, or somewhere in between. Add several layers of trim -- such as narrow braid at the edge of a wide ribbon -- or add different trims in stripes parallel with the edge of the sheet.

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