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No-Sew Tab-Top Curtains
  • fabric (width = at least 1 1/2 times the total width of your window and frame; length = total length of your window and frame plus 6 inches)
  • at least 2 yards of wide, flat, plain ribbon
  • no-sew iron-on fusible tape or fabric glue (ask for it at a fabric store)
  • iron and ironing board
  • ribbon or cording with tassels (optional)
Cut two panels of fabric -- each should be as long as your window and frame, plus 6 inches, and each one should be as wide as your window and frame. Take the ribbon and cut it into pieces about 6 inch long each. These will be the tabs that hold your curtains on the rod.

Fold each ribbon piece in half. If using fusible tape, follow the manufacturer's instructions and sandwich the fusible tape between the two ends of the ribbon and the top edge of the fabric, and iron into place. If using fabric glue, follow the manufacturer's instructions to glue the two ends of the ribbon to the top edge of the fabric. You want to leave at least 2 inches of the ribbon fold free as a casing to put the curtain rod into. Iron into place. Repeat this with all the ribbon pieces on both fabric panels. The ribbon pieces should be about 4 inches to 6 inches apart.

On the opposite end of each fabric panel, fold over 1 inch of fabric -- make sure the folded over piece is folded towards the wrong side of the fabric. Use either the fusible tape or fabric glue to adhere the two pieces of the fold together. Now you have a bottom hem. Note: If the bottom edge of your curtains will hang behind furniture or otherwise not be seen, skip this step. Also skip this step if your curtains will be long enough to puddle on the floor -- just push the fabric edges underneath themselves and puff the fabric out a little bit for a lush, extravagant look.

Now slip the curtain rod into the ribbon casings of each panel, and hang the curtains in the window. You can add ribbons or cording with tassels to tie back the curtains at the sides. If you want to block light, use heavy fabric or old blankets or just double layer the curtain fabric.

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