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Faux Finishes
If you own your own home or have a liberal landlord, you can paint your walls and instantly add texture and color to your rooms. But even if you rent or live at your parent's house, you can spruce up the other surfaces in your home with paint. Old wooden furniture can get a new lease on life with paint and faux finishes that look like stone, marble, iron, brass, or exotic woods.

Faux finishing is a type of painting technique that uses several different paint colors layered upon each other in varying amounts and styles. Faux finishes can be as simple as spatter painting (where you simply flick paint off a brush) or as complex as marbleizing (which involves mottled colors and subtle veining). You can use sea sponges or wadded up plastic to dab paint on in interesting ways, or use rags or crumpled paper to remove paint and create unusual textures.

If you'd like to try it, start with a small project like a jewelry box or a picture frame. Once you've mastered the technique, then you can move on to reviving your furniture or walls.

Check out some examples of finishes I've tried in my dining room, hallway, and master bedroom.

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