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Turning a Bed into a Sofa

sofabedIf you live in a one-room studio or a bedroom at your parent's house, making a twin bed look more like a sofa can be an instant makeover. The room will look less like just a sleeping space and more like a place to have guests over to. This only work with a twin bed, either without a head and foot board or with head and foot boards that are the same height.

First, push your bed against a wall or into a corner. If you have one, move your nightstand alongside the head or foot of you bed -- this makes it look more like a living room end table.

Now you'll need a few bolster pillows. These are long, narrow pillows that form the back and sides of the sofa (you can remove them for sleeping in the bed). You can purchase bolster pillows or make them yourself. Get enough bolster pillows to fill in the sofa back and sides, or use other large pillows for the sides.

For a more sofa-like look, coordinate the colors and fabrics of all the pillows and your bedspread. You can also glue or sew velcro strips onto your bedspread and pillow edges to keep the sofa's sides and back in place.

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