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Shopping List
Experienced shoppers know that each trip to the store is part of an eternal hunt for often elusive prey. You don't know exactly what you'll find or what it will cost. But if you're prepared, you can zero in on things that may fit your needs. So here's a list -- kind of a fantasy shopping spree -- of things you might want to look for on your next foray into the wild world of home decoration shopping. Also included is a list of some of the tools you might need to complete your decorating projects.

Decorative Items:
silver or brass serving trays
metal tankards (preferably not engraved)
wine glasses of every size and shape
rosaries or large crucifixes
silver or brass goblets
lacquered boxes or serving ware
worn hardbound books
wall sconces
crystal liqueur decanters
wood cigar boxes
plaster urns
lamp bases (make sure the wiring is sound)
area carpets, especially oriental
small pieces of tapestry (use for pillows or hang on the wall as art)
picture frames (especially wood ones, which can be painted)
cloth flowers and ostrich feathers from old hats
wood bowls and serving trays (can be painted)
ornamental figurines
white curtain sheers
heavy brocade or velvet drapes
crocheted lace tablecloths and doilies
silver, crystal, or iron candelabras
cotton or lacy handkerchiefs
small metal bells
linen napkins
silver tea or coffee sets
crystals from broken chandeliers
shadow boxes
sari fabric
vintage suitcases, trunks, or hat cases
religious statuary
iron plant stands
wood furniture (can be painted)
large damask tablecloths
glass votive candle holders
satin or lace dresser scarves
cardboard cigar boxes (cover with fabric, paper, or paint)
vintage buttons
lampshades (preferably not pleated, since flat ones are easier to cover)
ceramic or wood incense holders
wicker furniture
fringed shawls
hat stands (both tall and short)
framed paintings or prints
tassels large and small
china teapots
tulle or lace petticoats (use as tablecloths or curtains)
wastebaskets (cover with fabric, paper, or paint)
lace table runners
crystal candle holders
china teacups and saucers
hat boxes
vintage furs (can make into pillows)
fabric or dried flower garlands
tea towels
large wall mirrors
gauzy scarves
candle-shaped electric lamps
small wall shelf units
jewelry boxes
bottles in different shapes (soak off paper labels unless they're very attractive)
wicker baskets
china vases and bowls
small scraps of embroidered fabric or elaborate lace (appliqué them onto other fabric)
silver or brass candle holders
ornate fireplace andirons
plump pillows (can be re-covered)
blue willow print ginger jars
ceramic candle holders
vintage bar ware (cocktail shakers, jiggers, stirrers, etc.)
thick blankets (can use as curtains)
wicker picnic baskets and suitcases
wood candle holders (can be painted)
cut glass bowls and vases
bar stools or foot stools (can be painted and re-cushioned)
tapestry table runners
tinted glass apothecary jars
cookie, candy, or coffee tins (can be painted)
crisp white sheets

hot glue gun
fabric glue
iron-on fusible tape
sharp scissors
measuring tape
ruler, yardstick, or straight edge
needle and thread
sewing machine
fabrics (especially remnant table finds, clearance rack bolts, and upholstery fabrics on sale)
ribbons (especially wired ribbons)
satin cording
cutting board or large table
iron and ironing board
pencil and eraser
paint brushes
drop cloths
masking tape

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